Baseus wireless adapter for tape recorders and speakers

The miniature gadget will allow you to broadcast music through the air on an audio device without Bluetooth.

Modern tape recorders and speakers are equipped with both wired and wireless connectivity interfaces.

Old devices can not boast of the presence of Bluetooth, but this is not a reason to write off, because the quality of sound they are often not inferior to the new.

You can make them more convenient with a wireless adapter.

Dongle Baseus has the look of a spring cable with metal corrugies, which hide all the clever stuffing.

The adapter is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 module, which provides fast connection and reliable communication at a distance of up to 5 meters.

The device also has a microphone that allows you to answer calls.

The adapter works very simply.

It is enough to connect the 3.5-millimeter jack in the AUX connector of the audio system, and then insert the second end of the cable into any USB port.

For example, designed for a flash drive in a tape recorder.

Then you only have to create a pair with a new Bluetooth device and turn on the music on your smartphone.

Price at the time of publication: 613.35 rubles.

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