Baseus wireless adapter for tape recorders and speakers

The miniature gadget will allow you to broadcast music through the air on an audio device without Bluetooth. Modern tape recorders and speakers are equipped with both wired and wireless connectivity interfaces. Old devices can not boast of the presence of Bluetooth, but this is not a reason to write off, because the quality of sound they are often not inferior to the new. Make their use more convenient with wireless ...

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Fifine condenser microphone

An electric microphone with a built-in ADC connects to your computer via USB and does not require additional power. The front case has a record level adjust. The package includes a USB cable and a stand. Suitable for recording podcasts, communicating in games and directing. Price at the time of publication: 2,605.76 - 2,821.18 rubles. Find out more and order

HDMI switch

A device that supports 4K resolution, four inputs and remote control. There are models with additional 3.5 mm audio ports and S/PDIF for separating video and audio. The price at the time of publication: 1 238,64 — 2 773,55 RUB to Learn more and to order


SSD XrayDisk Is a popular drive model, which is produced under the brand XrayDisk. The drive to acquire capacity from 128 to 512 GB, overall the product more than 17,000 orders, and most of the buyers leave only positive reviews. It is also worth noting that the drive has good speed characteristics. The price at the time of publication: 916,61 — 6 178,66 RUB to Know ...

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Portable air conditioner

It turns out that it is not necessary to use the air conditioning system in order to ensure the normal room temperature. Suitable and more economical and harmless chiller, powered via the USB port. Simply fill inner container of the appliance with water and connect it to the network or to any gadget that will make the room temperature as comfortable as possible. The process of cooling and air purification ...

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